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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Night for Myself and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I designated last night as a “me night.” Yep, a big night in for me, myself, and I.
I painted my nails and then curled up with my Anthropologie catalogue and a snack while I waited for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to start.

I love Anthropologie to death, and any chance I get to gawk, be it in the store itself or just a catalogue, I happily take.

Those! Those right there at the top of the tree shape! I want those measuring spoons! They really do have the cutest kitchen items.......
Now, my biggest healthy eating weakness is late night snacking. I have no problem eating healthy during the day, but for some reason once it gets dark outside I have no problem taking down half a bag of chips and chowing down on candy.

Lately I have been trying my hardest to break this habit. Last night I had some fresh fruit (always a good substitute for junk food in my book because it tastes better anyway) and a cup of hot coco, which is not TOO bad, to satisfy my need for chocolate. This successfully kept me from attacking the junk food hiding in the cabinet in the kitchen.  

And as for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, I had never actually watched the thing before but got curious this year. I’m not quite sure my opinion on it. While it was a bit absurd and nothing more than a blatantly massive advertisement, I was quite entertained with it. There were Cirque performers, TONS of glitter, musical performances, and the crazy outfits were actually pretty fun.
In any case, I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t taken a night to themselves lately to do it. I woke up this morning well rested and ready to go, and I have been virtually stress-free all day. There is something about taking the time to focus on just myself and silly girly things that makes me almost giggly.
So, curl up with your favorite chick flick, give yourself an at home pedicure and face mask, or read your favorite book; whatever YOUR favorite things are, and have yourself a “me night.”
Also, what do you do to keep yourself from late night snacking?

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