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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Party?!

The holidays are here. Thanksgiving has passed, snow has fallen, trees are up. Yep. There’s no denying it. I have been trying to calm myself down and enjoy the mood a little bit but holy cow has it been a crazy few days.

I may have mentioned before that Michael, my boyfriend, owns a gallery and artisan store. In any case, last night (Saturday) he was throwing a massive Christmas Party at his place and we were both working our tails off to get ready.

I will take a moment to say, I am not the best at parties. I get so nervous in big groups of people that I usually end up leaving early, not because the host did a bad job, but because I get overwhelmed. That being said, the idea of being the actual host (of sorts) was making me even more freaked out.


We were at the store until late late late Friday night getting everything all set so we didn’t have to deal with it the day of, and ended up getting takeout Mexican food from this really authentic a place down the street that we like. We had a feast of sorts because the food is really good there. We shared nachos and then I tried my first ever chicken tamale and then also had a delicious enchilada which had some sort of tasty lime sauce all over it.

If you have never tried non-americanized Mexican food, I highly suggest trying some. Honestly, I find it tastes a lot like comfort food in that it is easy to enjoy and fills you right up.

Saturday morning there was SNOW! I was quite excited, and so was Petunia the Christmas Pig. The perfect setting for a Christmas Party J
The store was open all day so Mike and I had to run back and forth to make sure we both had time to get dressed, while still keeping one of us at the store for customers etc. Phew. I ended up getting all ready in about 20 minutes and was really proud of my speed, but then ended up allllmmmoooost wiping out on the ice getting back into my car.

In any case, the party went great! There was a banjo/ mandolin player, really delicious food, and tons and TONS of people.

The downtown lit up its Christmas lights the same night so there were plenty of people on the streets to begin with, but Michael estimated that there were around 500 people through the door.

We were hoping for a good turnout, but my goodness… we didn’t expect THAT many. Luckily food didn’t run out... I was getting kind of worried about that but the food BARELY made it. Phew.

It was a really great night. My feet hurt so bad from being in heels for so long, but other than that it was a success!

I hope everyone is having a nice start to their holiday seasons. If you are hosting your own holiday party any time soon, best of luck to you!




  1. I love Petunia the Christmas Pig - SO cute :)I also love your holiday party dress and Mexican food! Great job hosting what looked to be a very successful event!

    1. The pig just cracks me up every time I see it