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Monday, January 7, 2013

3 Silly Things That Keep Me Motivated To Work Out

Funny story…

I was planning on doing this post about things that give me an extra boost of motivation to workout which in itself motivated me to kick butt at the gym last night. I did some really intense intervals on the treadmill. In the past intervals have really helped me with increasing my running speed, which is something I have recently wanted to focus on again.

Then maybe five minutes after getting home I RAMMED my knee into the corner of my coffee table. And I mean RAMMED. Luckily I could bend it after a while and nothing felt like it snapped (which honestly surprised me because I RAMMED it) but that sucker swelled up like a balloon. Nothing some frozen veggies couldn’t fix, but just enough to keep me from the gym for a few days. Ugh.

Luckily this morning when I woke up I was pleasantly surprised that it was only a little bit sore and nicely black and blue.

Anyways… onto what I had planned on writing about:

I find with fitness only 10% of the challenge is the actual workouts. The remaining 90% is in keeping motivated.

While I like to think that the elusive concepts of “being healthy” and “taking care of myself”  are my core motivators, I find more times than not it is the little things that keep me enthusiastic about hitting the gym.

Here are three things that have been working like a charm for me lately.

#1 Cute Workout “Stuff”

A sleek new water bottle, some new running shoes with funky laces, or my personal current favorite some super cute sports bras. I got these for Christmas, and yes that top one is indeed SPARKLEY.

#2 A New Playlist

I love having new music to work out to. Putting together a new combo of old favorites or buying a new album always gets me nice and excited. I am a weirdo and typically prefer more easy going calm songs when I am working out over the typical “Eye of the Tiger,” and here are some that I have been loving for the gym:

Near To You, A Fine Frenzy

You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome, Miley Cyrus

Today, Joshua Radin

Your Body Is a Wonderland, John Mayer

#3 Having a treat waiting at home for me

It is no secret that I love tea J So a big glass of iced tea is the perfect thing for me when I am done sweating. I have been brewing some before I leave for the gym to pop into the fridge so that it is nice and cold when I get back. It gives me a tangible short term sense of accomplishment for working out which is always a great motivator.




What silly little things keep you motivated to work out?

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