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Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Friday Favorites 1/4

After Eight Mints
I mentioned these in my last post, and I’ll mention them again. Yep. They really are THAT good. They are dark chocolate and mint and are perfect for when I am craving something sweet.

My Fish Cup

This I bought for Michael for Christmas because I wanted it. I think this is hysterical. The only kicker is when I drink anthing besides plain old water the fish look like they are swimming in a very dirty tank.

Jasmine Tropica Tea Blend

Aka: The perfect thing to drink out of my fish cup. This is a Teavana tea that I got during their after Christmas Sale in a set. It is easily my favorite of them. It smells like a sweat perfume and has a really light fruity taste. I used to prefer my Candy Cane Lane tea hands down to everything and thought I would never find another love… but this stuff is so nice.


Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer

I have really sensitive dry skin that the cold New England winter weather takes a beating on each year. This stuff really does the trick for me. No flakey skin here! An added bonus is that it has spf built right into it. Usually facial lotions with sunscreen in them get really greasy but that is not the case with this one. Oh, and it is all natural.


I find writing to be a fantastic release for difficult emotions. It is really satisfying to spill them onto the page and then have the ability to shut the journal and walk away. I used to not “know” how to journal. I would start and then stop because I felt like I was doing it “wrong” or it would simply turn into a list of things that I did each day. I find it much easier to go into it answering the question “How do I feel?” That is my magic question that makes me write and write and write. I could probably go all day long if I let myself.


I hope everyone had a good week, and has an even better weekend!


What are some of your favorite things lately?
Any fun weekend plans?

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