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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Curbing My Nighttime Cravings

Hey, remember how my New Year’s resolution was to cook from home more often?

Well tonight I burned my mixing spoon because I left it on the stove top over a burner on high. Oopsies.

So far this is going well…

Anyway, I have mentioned before that I am a horrible night snacker. I will do really well all day, and then boom, come eight o’clock it is time for nachos and popcorn galore. Ok, not every night, but it is definitely a habit of mine that I am trying to keep under control. Here are a couple things that have been working for me:
Fresh Fruit

If I am going to snack at night, at least it can be something healthy that isn’t too heavy in my belly. I buy the pre-cut fruit salad from the grocery store because it makes it more “snackable” to me. It is easy to grab and eat and I know myself well enough to say that I will always pick fresh fruit over junk food so long as there is no extra work for me.

These Yummy Mints

I had never heard of these until recently, but there are basically a slim square shaped York. I love anything mint so one of these guys satisfies my sweet tooth perfectly. Just enough to hit the craving J



For Christmas one of my presents was a tea maker and I have been LOVING it. I found a few delicious fruity blends, like this pineapple one from Teavana, that have been great. Tea is my choice night time drink because it is nice and light.

Philosophy Soaps

And when all else fails...I love these because they come in so many delicious dessert flavors and are a completely guilt-free way of indulging. Seriously, they smell just like what they say they will. They are expensive for body wash in my opinion, but I find that TJ Maxx carries them all the time at good discounts so that’s where I get mine.

And that’s everything!

I hope 2013 is serving everyone well thus far and only continues to get better J



  1. So sad about your spoon! :( I used to be (and sometimes still am!) an awful nighttime snacker... nachos, ice cream, popcorn, chips - you name it, I would it eat after dinner! I have found that eating a healthy meal with protein for dinner and drinking 3-4 large glasses of water really fills me up in the evenings. I'm not even hungry any longer until the morning! If you like mints, you should definitely try the Frango Mints at Macy's - To die for! YUM!

    1. I just looked up the mints. They look delish. Thanks for the recommenation!