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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stressed Lately? How to fix it.

Is it just me or is the approach of the holiday season for some reason incredibly stressful?
Well, I can at least speak for myself and say that my stress has been through the roof lately and it is not so much fun. Who knows, maybe I'm crazy.
I think that knowing healthy methods of stress management is such an important life skill to have. I figured I’d share some things that work for me when it comes to stress management.

Make A To-Do List.

More times than not, you don’t actually have as much to do as you thought once you can see it visually lined up. Better yet, you get satisfaction of crossing things off and making things slowly even less overwhelming.

Go To The Gym
For me, the gym is my “me space.” I go for myself and love the feeling of finishing a really good workout and having sweat drip off my forehead. That sense of accomplishment is the best form of stress relief for me.

Light A Candle
When I am doing school work, or need to focus on anything for that matter, candles are a huge help for me. I don’t know why, but my goodness my attention span sky rockets when I have a lit candle near me. Try it out, I swear that there is something to it.

Treat Yourself to Some Spa Time
Give yourself a quick pedicure or face mask (check out my post to see how you can make your own masks here: http://beingvivacious.blogspot.com/2012/11/homemade-face-masks.html ). Pampering yourself is the perfect way to remind yourself that you matter and also makes it that much easier to take a deep breath.

Take A Shower
I am reminded of my final exam week my sophomore year of high school. I have never been more stressed out in. my. life. I can only laugh looking back at how silly it was, but that being said, the only thing that calmed me down was taking hot showers. I took about three or four a day for the entire week. A bit excessive for sure, but I find that a hot shower or bath is still something that helps melt my stress away.

Sing a Song
This is going to be the dorkiest admission ever. Go onto Youtube and search for a karaoke version of your favorite song, and belt it out. Anything by Taylor Swift is always a great option. It’s the perfect way to fit four minutes of pure, unadulterated FUN into your day.

Those are pretty much all of my go-to things when I am feeling stressed out.
What works for you?

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