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Thursday, November 15, 2012

MORE Healthy Date Ideas!

Hike Up a Mountain
You get a great workout and a wonderful sense of accomplishment at the end. Accomplishing something with someone makes you that much closer to them.

Walk a Downtown
I personally love getting a taste of a community’s unique personality. You get to check out the quaint and quirky stores, and try out some new restaurants. What’s not to love?

Fly a Kite
You get the exercise of running around, and it is just such a “happy” thing to do on a nice day. Perfect for a date in my opinion, even if it is a bit cliché.

Take a Pottery Class
Or any sort of art class. It is good to get a bit creative sometimes, and learn to laugh even if you aren’t perfect at it. Trying something new together is always a great thing.

Go to the Gym
My boyfriend does not like the gym at all, but if you and your partner both enjoy going, why not go together! I saw a couple at my gym the other day and they were having a great time.

Here is a link to my last list of healthy date ideas:

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