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Sunday, October 14, 2012

What are some healthy date ideas?

The classic dinner and a movie is so stale. For me, more active and unique dates are much more fun, and in turn romantic. Here are some of my favorite “healthy” date ideas.

1.       Go bike riding. I’m a bit partial to this just because I love riding my bike so much, but it can be really fun on a nice day to explore a new bike path or bike to get a bite to eat for lunch.

2.       Visit a farmer’s market. The lively atmosphere lends itself nicely to a date. Sometimes there’s even street musicians which is always a nice touch.

3.       Take a dance lesson. This could be a tad bit uncomfortable if it is only a first or second date, but otherwise I think this is a fantastic idea. And remember, it’s not about being super graceful it’s about laughing and trying something new together.

4.       Cook together. I think that cooking is one of the most romantic things to do with someone. You get the fun of preparing the meal plus the romantic dinner afterwards. What the heck, light a couple candles and make it fancy.

5.       Go apple picking (or any other fruit/ vegetable I suppose). Who doesn’t love getting out in the nice autumn weather and enjoying the season? Heck, double it up with the cooking date and bake some apple crisp after!
6.       Go bowling. A little bit of competitive energy never hurt anyone. Even better, see if you can’t catch the bowling alley on a disco bowling night.

7.       Have a picnic and then take a walk in the park. This just might be my personal favorite because it is low key, inexpensive, and still manages to be just as romantic as any big night in the city.

8.       Have a spa day. (Because mental health is just as important) This one can get really expensive, but I figured I’d throw it in here anyway. Even if he says he won’t like it, he won’t know until he tries. My boyfriend happens to love the spa (even a little more than I do I think...) so it is definitely worth trying.


Well, that’s my list! Hopefully you found it useful.
What are some other fun, healthy date ideas?

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  1. I personally love the apple picking idea. I did one of those dates and it was SO much fun. Just spending the afternoon outside in the sun, a great low-key date. The farmers market would also be great mixed with the cooking date, but hey, maybe I'll try the bowling date next.