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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Biking at Minuteman National Park!

My absolute favorite place to go biking is Minuteman Nation Park in Lexington, MA.

The path itself, called “Battle Road,” is pretty  interesting. It’s an old route feeding Boston from back around the time of the American Revolution. I won’t go into it, but the story of Battle Road is a key part of the first happenings of the Revolution itself and there are numerous historical sites along the path including Paul Revere’s capture site.

The biking is great. It’s about a 10 mile bike ride with lots of ups and downs. The path itself is windy so there are some challenging spots but also many fun places along the trail where you can get going really fast and zip through the trees. All the while the path takes you through a beautiful range of landscapes: forests, farmlands, bogs, etc.  with old Colonial houses scattered along on either side of the path. Some of the houses are restored and maintained while others are in more of a “ruin” type state.

October is my personal favorite time to go biking there because the temperatures are a bit cooler making it more comfortable to exercise outside and Minuteman is a stunning place to see the foliage. In Massachusetts the leaves haven’t completely changed yet, but they are getting there. There is definitely a lot of yellow popping up in the trees.

Before I get into the photos…

Oh my goodness. I haven’t been on my bike since my triathlon, and I must be rusty, because when I went to get my bike to put in my car, I must have leaned a little too far over when I went to pick it up because I front flipped over the body and down my bike and me toppled. My right knee and hip both have these massive bruises on them. I look like I got into a fist fight haha.
Here we go :)
First house on the trail
The tavern
Pretty bog
Having a nice bike ride
Farm land

Grazing Cows. They surprised me when they mooed!

This last house on the trail

This red tailed hawk was perched right above the path. I'd have missed it if there wasn't a big group of Boy Scouts all huddled around it.
That's all till next time,

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