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Friday, October 5, 2012

Renewing Face Mask with PUMPKIN

Skincare to me is just as important as any other health/fitness habit. And what is the most fun way to take care of your skin? Face masks of course!

I have so many masks in my drawer in my bathroom I can hardly keep count, but hands down the best mask I have ever used is the Renewing Face Mask with Pumpkin by True Blue Spa at Bath and Body Works.

I don’t know if they sell it year round, but I bought mine this August for $12.

It smells delish and makes me look like an oompa loompa when I have it on. Then, once you rinse it off, oh my goodness my skin is stunning.

Most masks tend to dry out my skin so I need to use a lot of moisturizer afterwards, but this one makes my skin so silky smooth. I look like a glowing angel… actually.

And, it makes me feel festive for fall, and what’s better than that?
Happy Fall, and Healthy Skin :)

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  1. The pumpkin face mask really is AMAZING!!! I'm hoping they sell it year round, left me feeling (and looking) great.