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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How do I feel better when I'm sick?

I’ve had an awful cold for the past few days. Not so much fun. What helps me most when I am feeling stuffy is a hot cup of tea.

Conveniently I got some sample bags of tea in my Birchbox this month, go figure. (maybe it was an omen...) The brand is called Mighty Leaf and they make their teas from all natural and ethically sourced ingredients which is nice to see.
On top of that, nargibfgijbfdangnafiu it is the swankiest darn tea bag I have ever laid my eyes on. What kind of tea comes in a fancy pants organza pouch?! I think the package describes it as a “handcrafted silken biodegradable pouch” but whatever the bag is actually made of it is definitely several notches up from the typical thin paper tea bags for sure and the little touch of fany made me feel that itty bitty bit better.

The teas were really yummy and overall I like the concept of these but, they are just a tad bit pricier than I think I’d be willing to spend on everyday tea for myself on a regular occasion.That being said, these would be a fantastic Christmas present for sure, at least I would be psyched to get some of these fancy silken teabags.

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